If advisors want to reach clients, they should make it timely and personnal, according to Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia.

During the market volatility that emerged as the coronavirus spread across the world, consumer engagement with timely content skyrocketed, said Sofia when reporting the results of Snapppy Kraken’s “How 2020 Has Changed Financial Adviser Marketing” report last week.

After Snappy Kraken pulled data from the first six months of 2020, when it deployed 150,000 social media post, over 12,500 digital marketing campaigns and sent 5 million emails on behalf of advisros, Sofia was able to distill five key lessons, which he will share with attendees during his “Updated 2020 Half-Time Review: The Latest Financial Adviser Marketing Trends Revealed In New Study” webcast hosted by Financial Advisor  magazine on Wednesday, August 12 at 2 p.m. ET.

“The biggest shift we saw was in the fundamental performance of two types of content,” he said. Engagement with evergreen content, which includes general content about things like Roth conversions, 401(k)s and investment selection, dropped by 42%.

Simultaneously, the engagement with timely content, which is content relevant to current events in the world or in clients’ lives, rose by 370%.

“Here’s the point,” said Sofia. “If you are reliant on your normal marketing strategy, the things you do 24-7-365 in a normal time, if you do those things during a time of crisis, it won’t matter. When there’s a crisis, everybody’s mind then shifts to that crisis, and how it affects that person, and that applies to the financial services you provide.”

To optimize their results, advisors may have to change ther marketing on a monthly or weekly basis to keep up with changing trends, said Sofia.