Social Security

Social Security Expanding Field Office Hours


Social Security field offices will be open until 4 p.m. around the country every weekday but Wednesday starting March 16.

Defending Social Security: Next On Obama's To-Do List?


The new Republican-controlled Congress has handed him an opportunity to act boldly on protecting Social Security.

GAO Urging Greater Federal Scrutiny Of State-Hired Disability Claim Assistants


The Social Security Administration should more intensely examine the hiring of profit and non-profit firms by states to help residents get Social Security income and disability insurance, the GAO...

Americans Willing To Pay To Preserve Social Security


Americans value Social Security and agree to pay more to increase benefits, says a study by the National Academy of Social Insurance.

The COLA Crunch: Why Social Security Isn't Keeping Up With Seniors' Costs


Social Security’s annual inflation adjustment is one of the program’s most valuable features. But it’s time to adjust the adjustment.

Social Security Benefits From Former Spouses

by Dan Moisand

In many cases you'll be able to help clients get more in benefits if you understand how they can collect on their former spouses' work records, says columnist Dan Moisand.

It Happens: Seniors With Student Debt—And Smaller Social Security Checks


A growing number of seniors are discovering the federal government plans to take part of their Social Security benefit to pay off delinquent student loans, tax bills, child support or alimony.

Women Tap Social Security Benefits Too Early, Survey Says

by FA Staff

Most women take Social Security too early, despite the fact that they live longer than men, Nationwide Financial says.

Don't Throw Away Social Security Benefits, Advisor Warns


Couples often do not understand they can file for Social Security benefits on their spouse's earnings record, says a retirement specialist.

Senate Leader: 'Worth Looking At' Auto IRA For Workers Without Pensions


The Senate Finance Committee Chairman told a panel that an automatic government-sponsored IRA for workers not covered by an employer pension plan is worth considering.

Retirement Advisors Should Discuss Housing With Clients


Financial planners do clients a great service by helping them assess various housing choices, says columnist Dan Moisand.

Many People Underutilize Social Security Benefits

by Karen DeMasters

A typical American couple may be leaving up to $250,000 on the table in Social Security earnings due to a lack of knowledge about when to take benefits.

Maximizing Social Security Benefits Using Advanced Distribution Strategies


More financial advisors should become familiar with these strategies to get clients the most in benefits, says this advisor.

Forced To Quit Work Early, Clients Turn To Advisors For Help


Financial advisors are solving portfolio withdrawal worries for more people who find themselves unemployed in their early 60s, before Medicare and full Social Security kick in.

Couples May Be Losing $250,000 In Social Security Benefits


A lack of knowledge about Social Security benefits may be costing Americans big money, a Financial Engines executive says.

The Truth About Social Security And Medicare, Straight From The Trustees


Two new government reports say Social Security and Medicare are not in imminent financial danger.

Delaying Social Security Is ‘Best Decision’ – Morningstar Conference


Circumstances have changed so that it makes sense to put off taking Social Security, said Morningstar Conference speaker Michael Kitces, director of research for Pinnacle Advisory Group.

William Sharpe's RIA Rolls Out Social Security Help For 401(k) Participants


The RIA founded by the Nobel prize winner is rolling out a service today that walks 401(k) plan participants through their Social Security claiming options.

FPA Knowledge Circles Will Address Financial Issues


The FPA is creating groups to enable advisors to explore financial topics and help shape FPA programming.

Heritage Foundation: End Spousal Benefit In Social Security


The foundation's entitlements policy analyst said the spousal benefit for Social Security has become outdated because many women have worked long enough to get their own payments.