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Lloyd's Of London Pulls Euro Bank Deposits

Lloyd's of London, concerned European governments may be unable to support lenders, has pulled deposits in some peripheral economies.

Advisors Warn Some Don't Get Expected Safety In These Retirement Funds

These retirement-plan funds have outperformed the market and are seeing huge inflows, but some investors don't realize they are riskier than money-market funds and often carry restrictions.

Health Savings Plans Let Firms Shift More Costs to Workers

Businesses are increasing the use of high-deductible health insurance plans paired with savings accounts to shift more costs to American workers.

Flight To Safety Drives Annuity Sales


Annuity sales continue to climb rapidly as investors look for a safe haven after the past years of volatility.

Beyond Estate Taxes

by Kenneth J. Masters

Life insurance can serve as a unique investment hedging tool.

An Investment For Life

by Michael Brier

For the ultrawealthy, the value of life insurance goes well beyond the death payout.

Checking Under The Hood

by David W. Freeley and Melvin A. Warshaw

Trust-owned life insurance needs to be monitored just like an investment portfolio.

Filling The P&C Insurance Gap

by Joseph M. Weiss

Wealth managers should consider adding a property and casualty insurance specialist to their consulting teams.

Misunderstood Liability

by Joseph Weiss

Many wealthy individuals are underinsured because they mistakenly believe it will make them less vulnerable in liability cases...

Day Of Reckoning

by Jonathan M. Forster , Jennifer M. Smith

The life settlement market has been hit hard by the economic crisis. Jonathan M. Forster Jonathan M...

Domino Effect

by Tam St. Armand

Minor changes in a household budget can have a major impact on insurance coverage. Tam St. Armand   View all articles by Tam St. Armand

LTC Insurance For The Affluent

by David Bidwell

Long-term care insurance has become a sophisticated planning tool that can benefit affluent clients.

Premium Financing

by Frank W. Seneco

Financed life insurance premiums offer attractive options for business owners looking to accumulate and distribute wealth. Frank W. Seneco Frank W...

Facing Facts

by Eric L. Reiner

Risks besides longevity impact investments in life settlement policies. Eric L. Reiner Eric L. Reiner is a contributing editor of Private Wealth magazine...

Chasing Change

by Eric L. Reiner

Players come and go as the life settlement marketplace races towards maturity.

Captive Audience

by Patrick Hunter

Clients whoese businesses have substantial risk should consider the benefits of a captive insurance company...

Exception To The Rule

by Pat Trammell

It takes more than desire and deep pockets to secure a $100 million life insurance policy.

Bountiful Harvest

by Larry Simon

Unneeded life insurance policies can help seniors realize their charitable-giving goals...

Gambling On Guarantees

by James R. Robinson

The scheme of stranger-owned life insurance puts the industry at risk for very little upside.

Special Handling

by Lee Slavutin

Estate planners must operate carefully to avoid tax traps and preserve the powerful benefits of life insurance.

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