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Maine's 'Rockefeller' Home Values Make Rich Richer

The Rockefellers and the Astors knew how to pick real estate. The worth of the properties they once owned on Mount Desert Island in Maine has soared during the national real estate bust.

Blackstone Said To Raise $4 Billion For Latest Property Fund

Blackstone Group LP, the world's largest private-equity company, told investors it raised $4 billion for its latest real estate fund, four months after kicking off fundraising.

'Luxury' Redefined In London Home Market

The price of a luxury home in central London can jump as much as 3,000 pounds ($4,800) a square foot with the help of a pair of white gloves costing a few pounds.

Tech IPOs Boost Demand for Silicon Valley Million-Dollar Homes

A surge in wealth from technology stock sales and IPOs is spilling into the Silicon Valley real estate market as newly rich workers bid up home values.

Pricey Homes Languish In 'Hedge Fund Capital'

Homes priced at $10 million and above are accumulating on the market in Greenwich, Conn. -- a slump that coincides with a reduction in cash bonuses on Wall Street.

Beverly Hills Lures Wealthy Investors

Beverly Hills is luring wealthy individuals seeking real estate investments, driving up prices for trophy apartment buildings in the city.

Americans Shun Cheapest Homes In 40 Years

The most affordable real estate in a generation is failing to lure buyers as Americans sour on the idea of home ownership.

Wealthy Home Buyers Lift Florida Market

While much of Florida's real estate market remains depressed, buyers seeking homes in the state's affluent enclaves are finally getting off the fence, observers say.

Wealthy Investors Seek Yield In Commercial Properties

Wealthy individuals are increasing their investments in commercial properties, whose low values are being viewed as attractive yield opportunities.

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