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March 2016  
Insights in Action: Kris Kelley

Watch Janus Research Analyst Kris Kelley talk about how his team is identifying risk and uncovering opportunities in the energy sector and the secondary derivative effects of the steep decline in energy prices.


November 2015  
Insights in Action: Innovation in Healthcare

Andy Acker, Janus Portfolio Manager, goes beyond the headlines
to discuss what he believes is really driving the healthcare sector.


October 2015  
Conversations With Tomorrow - Enriquez
Life Code: The Most Disruptive Technology Ever?

Discover Life Code: The technology built from DNA that's about to transform every business on earth. Futurist/Author Juan Enriquez explains how in the latest film in our series "Conversations with Tomorrow". Watch now to discover the potential impact of its disruptive effects and dynamic changes on business. And contact us to learn more about how investing in Positive Dynamic Change enables Alger to uncover insights that come from Thinking Further.

October 2015  
Conversations With Tomorrow - Cukier
Think you know the future of Big Data? Think again.
It's bigger and smarter. And it's transforming business as we know it. Data Expert and Futurist Kenneth Cukier explains how in the first film in our newest "Conversations With Tomorrow" series. Watch now to discover the potential impact of these dynamic changes in Big Data on business and investing.

August 2015  
FactSet’s Solution for Wealth Managers
FactSet's solution for wealth managers combines portfolio,
markets, and multi-asset class security analysis all in a single, intuitive platform.