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Drew DiMarino
Executive Vice President
eMoney Advisor


Don’t Go to War with Rocks: Arming Yourself with Technology


It seems like a new headline is issued almost daily on the need for advisors to adapt their businesses to meet any number of growing demands putting pressure on the wealth management industry today. In fact, it can be tempting for some advisors, particularly those who have been around the block a time or two, to brush these issues off as merely media hype.


But by failing to address many of these challenges and redefining your strategy for long-term success, even smart and well-intentioned advisors risk becoming obsolete. The truth is, there are a number of real and potentially threatening trends facing advisors, and an arms race is happening now among those who refuse to go down without a fight.


The Changing Landscape

Whether or not it’s the result of the influence of disruptive technology, changing client demographics, regulatory reform, or other threats, the landscape around us continues to shift. The hard reality is that many advisors in business today simply will not be able to compete in the business landscape of tomorrow, unless they adapt.


What Now?

That’s scary information. But there’s good news, too: you can keep up, but only if you have the right tools. That means partnering with a technology provider that not only keeps up with the trends, but also blazes the trail, providing value to your clients that extends beyond financial services to create unforgettable financial experiences. It means being proactive instead of reactive, and collaborative instead of static. It’s about becoming the primary trusted advisor, and it’s the only way to compete.


And to not do so despite these very real factors forcing the industry and its advisors to evolve? Well, that would be a lot like going to war armed only with rocks: the odds of winning just aren’t too good.


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