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Tech Tips For Firms To Improve Client Service Year Round



July 21


2:00-3:00 pm ET


Complimentary Webcast


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Jonathan Coleman

Bill Winterberg, CFP




Anne Kvanbeck

Andrew Fulk


SMB Sales



Providing the best possible service for your clients is a year round responsibility. However, it can be challenging for small firms in particular to provide the same level of client support and attention as larger firms that have more staff and resources. Many partners feel tied to their desks, fearing that their absence could lead to clients not getting the level of service they expect. In the face of these challenges, progressive, cutting-edge small firms are using technologies like portals, e-signature services and remote support tools to improve workflow efficiency and provide better client support even while out of the office. Learn more about what technologies you should be weighing at your firm to keep clients happy and stay competitive year round.


Learning Objections:


  • Understand some of the most common workflow problems that uniquely face small firms year round.

  • Cover the technology trends that are changing the technology landscape for financial professionals.

  • Learn about Citrix's solutions for improving office efficiency and client service from anywhere.



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