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SEC's Plain-English Rule Will Cost Advisors

The SEC wants registered investment advisors to describe themselves to clients and prospects in plain English, something likely to require significant time and money.

Breakaway Trust Officers


Evercore Wealth Management CEO Jeff Maurer--and many partners at his RIA--adjust to a new life.

Looking To Streamline

by Raymond Fazzi

Now that they've experienced the harsh consequences of poor business management, fee-based advisors are looking to their custodians and broker-dealers for all the help they can get.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Calling Custodians Early May Shorten Exams

Many advisors wait until the last minute to sign authorizations that allow third-party custodians to share clients' positions with the SEC. That could hold up an SEC examination for months.

Fidelity Helps 95 Brokers, Teams Bolt


Fidelity Investments says it had helped spring some 95 breakaway brokers and teams from their firms and go independent in the first half of 2010.  

Tell The SEC What You Think On Fiduciary Standards


The SEC today posted a form for people to comment as part of its study of obligations and standards that should apply to broker-dealers and registered investment advisors.

Advisors Win $2 Million Award From NRP

Two financial advisors won $2 million in arbitration from a retirement-plan advisory firm they left Merrill Lynch to join in 2008, only to be let go the following year.

TD Ameritrade Sees Influx Of Breakaway Brokers


TD Ameritrade Institutional announced Wednesday that 212 breakaway brokers have joined its network during the first three quarters of its fiscal year 2010. 

SEC To Change ADV Reporting, Group Says

State securities regulators are upset over what they say is a plan by the SEC to drop a shared system that has gathered information on RIAs and made it available to the public.

Advisors Gear Up To Shape Financial Overhaul

Broker-dealers and financial advisors say they're satisfied for the most part with the overhaul bill passed by the Senate and are now gearing up to help shape the changes.

Merrill Online Brokerage Focuses On Niche

Traditional e-brokers aren't likely to lose their most-prized customers--active traders--to Bank of America Corp.'s new Merrill Lynch online brokerage.

Gunning For Growth

by Bernie Clark

RIA firms estimate that they'll see 15% revenue growth this year. An emphasis on efficiency will free principals to go after new business again.

Frontline News

Frontline News

Who Is A Fiduciary? Clients-And Advisors-Unclear


It's not just clients who don't understand what people who hold themselves out as financial advisors are obligated to do for them. A new survey shows that many advisors are confused, too.

Advisors Need Employment Details In Writing

Financial advisors are typically lured to new brokerages with generous promises, but promises don't buy happiness. Contracts do.

Tall Task

by Evan Simonoff And Eric Rasmussen

Building an in-house business consulting group, Derek Bruton is trying to help advisors at LPL adapt to the Darwinian business climate.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Other Advisory Firm Employees May Be Scrutinized By Finra

FInra is seeking to expand its oversight of securities professionals to back-office workers who provide sales and trading support and handle investor assets.

Morningstar Meets eHarmony

Does the world need another mutual-fund screener? Not if it behaves like all the others. But this RIA offers some fresh ways of looking at investments.

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