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Top U.S. Financial Risk Watchdog Pledges More Transparency


The top U.S. financial risk watchdog pledged to revise the procedures used to designate firms as super-risky after a flood of criticism from insurers and asset managers.

Trade Group Wants Annuity Tax Deferrals Maintained


The Insured Retirement Institute, the largest annuity trade group, on Tuesday laid out its 2015 “wish list” for Congress and federal agencies.

Obamacare Becomes Tax-Filing Headache For Many


Obamacare is about to collide with the U.S. tax-filing season, adding frustration for millions of taxpayers trying to figure out how to comply and how much they will owe the government.

Deteriorating IRS Service Causes Pain For Taxpayers, Report Says


Congress has handed the IRS more work and less funding, leading to a decline in taxpayer service, the tax agency’s independent in-house critic said in a new report.

MetLife Sues Over Too-Big-to-Fail Label By U.S. Regulators


MetLife sued the U.S. government over a decision to label it critical to the economy, arguing that imposing higher regulatory standards will drive up the cost of protecting consumers.

GWG Offers $1 Billion In Bonds


GWG bond offering shows the growth of the secondary life insurance market, GWG says.

Multistate Insurance Licensing Expected Next Year


Financial advisors who sell insurance should be able to register in more than one state at the same time by mid-2016, an industry lobbyist said.

Multi-State Insurance Licensing Goes To Expected Obama OK


A measure establishing a multi-state licensing system for financial professionals is on its way to the president’s desk.

Obama Cutting FHA Costs Boon To First-Time Buyers


A quarter of a million Americans who have been shut out of the housing recovery may be able to get a mortgage now that President Barack Obama has cut the cost to insure their loans.

Making It Pay

by Eric Rasmussen

Investment managers Bahl & Gaynor in Cincinnati have built up $12 billion in assets with a dividend approach for patient investors.

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