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November 2014  

A Plan of Your Own
In the next decade, a fifth of today’s financial advisors are expected to retire. Despite this demographic backdrop, only a fraction of these advisors have completed their succession plans. Without a plan for a handover, advisors run the risk of alienating clients and limit their options when they are ready to retire and sell their practice.

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November 2014  
MassMutual CareChoiceSM One Prepare for the possibilities MassMutual

People are living longer than ever. This means more years to enjoy retirement. However, living longer comes with a new set of challenges, including the possible need for long term care. MassMutual CareChoiceSM One is the first single-premium LTC/life combo with the power of dividends.

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November 2014  

Consolidating Data and Analytics:
How your peers are gaining efficiency with a single solution

Explore the case studies of two successful wealth management firms to learn how they were able to cut costs, research multiple asset classes and security types, step up their portfolio analytics, and expand mobile access with a single, intuitive solution.

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