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September 2014  

Cultivating the Next Generation
The children of your clients can offer your practice new sources of
revenue and growth. They are also in line to inherit a significant
amount of money in the coming years.
While this group presents opportunity, establishing a relationshrp
with them presents unique challenges. To efficiently reach this
younger investor, you need to plan for them in your overall referral
strategy. Download our white paper for new ways to capitalize on
this growing opportunity.

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September 2014  

FactSet Wealth Workstation: One Package. A Wealth of Possibilities
Today’s market environment requires wealth managers to stay on top of changing regulatory procedures and increasingly particular client preferences. Additionally, redundant systems, unreliable data, inflexible reporting, and unresponsive product support are all threats to your process. As the competition grows, advisors who have a reliable data and analytics will be the ones who outperform. Explore the stories of two successful wealth management firms to learn how they stepped up their portfolio analytics, consolidated services to cut costs, and expanded mobile access with a single solution.

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September 2014  

Six Ways Financial Advisors can Benefit from the Coming Boom in Robo-Advice Assets
Equity Trust

Learn how offering diversified investment services such as advice regarding hard alternative assets, can increase your value in a way that online portals will never be able to duplicate.

As robo-advisors continue to gather venture funding and exposure, they are stepping up efforts to lure Generation X and Y investors away from financial advisors who would rather talk than tweet. Three robo-advisers, Wealthfront, Betterment and Learnvest gained impressive ground in 2014 as the total capital raised for this nascent industry approached a quarter of a billion dollars. Meanwhile, financial bloggers, passive index consultants, data aggregation marketers — even academics — continued to weigh in on the core question posed by this emerging new technology: Is it time to add the job title “financial advisor” to the same list of obsolete occupations that includes “alchemists,” “lamplighters,” and “switchboard operators”?

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