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‘Big Oil’ Cuts $20 Billion In Five Hours To Shield Dividends


The first major oil companies to report earnings amid the worst oil crash since 2009 all pledged to protect shareholder payouts.

Hedge Fund Profits Down 30% Portend Closings, Citigroup Says


Industrywide profits in 2014 declined 30 percent from a year earlier because of poor performance.

Asia’s Rich Chase Dollar Rally As Volatility Haven


Asia’s wealthiest families are snapping up dollars as a haven from the volatility, providing another source of demand.

European Bond Investors Flock To U.S. As Draghi Crushes Yields


European debt investors are turning to U.S. corporate bonds as Mario Draghi’s quantitative easing program crushes borrowing costs in the euro-area.

University Of Texas Endowment Tops $25 Billion, Surpassing Yale


The University of Texas endowment surpassed Yale University’s as the second-wealthiest in U.S. higher education, spurred on by oil and gas.

Advent Software May Be Acquired For About $2.3 Billion


SS&C Technologies Holdings is seeking to acquire Advent Software Inc., a major technology provider for financial advisors, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

NFL’s Path To $25 Billion Hinges On 12-Year-Old’s Mobile Apps


The NFL’s ability to reach its $25 billion revenue target hinges on kids like Ethan Minkoff, a 12-year-old New England Patriots fan.

News From Inside ETFs: Bond Traders Can’t Escape Storms In Markets


Investors and traders huddled at an ETF conference in Florida are worrying about how to make sense of markets that are getting more and more volatile.

MFOs Ride Wealth, Market Rise

by Anthony Effinger

HSBC Private Wealth solutions topped a Bloomberg ranking of the richest multifamily offices

Reveling In Diversity

by Jon Asmundsson

O’Conner & Associates aims to avoid market correlation by cramming 15 distinct strategies into one hedge fund.

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