The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards has added 21 CFPs to its "ambassador" program, giving it national reach in its second year in existence.

CFP Board ambassadors represent the organization in their respective regions, helping educate the public about financial planning and the meaning of the CFP organization, according to the CFP Board.

The program began last year with seven members. The new additions give the CFP Board a total of 27 ambassadors.

CFP Board ambassadors are chosen based on their leadership skills, passion for the financial planning profession and commitment to the CFP Board's mission to serve the public, according to the CFP Board.

Ambassadors are all volunteers, according to the CFP Board, and they serve three primary functions:

Educating the public on the importance of having a financial plan that supports one's life goals, and of working with a competent, ethical financial professional.

Representing and explaining the meaning of CFP certification.

Supporting the CFP Board's Consumer Advocate program, which currently includes a series of monthly personal finance tips and a public awareness campaign.

"The new CFP Board Ambassadors will join our existing volunteers in educating the public, policy makers and the media about how competent, ethical financial planning can increase Americans' quality of life and help them achieve their goals," said CFP Board Chief Executive Officer Kevin R. Keller.

The 2011 CFP Board ambassadors are: Mark Boddy, Richmond, Va; Rita Cheng, Washington, D.C.; Greg Dorriety, Moble, Ala.; Daniel Frobes, Providence, R.I.;  Andrew Gardener, Houston, Tex.; Bill Garrett, Nashville, Tenn.; Don Grant, Wichita, Kan.; Cary Guffey; Birmingham, Ala.; John Hauserman, Baltimore; Paul Jarvis, Fargo, N.D.; Scott Kaminsky, Philadelphia;  Dan Keady, Charlotte, N.C.; Joseph Kelly, Princeton, N.J.; Elaine King, Miami; Ross Levin, Minneapolis; Dan Matthews, Kansas City, Mo.; Nancy McCready, Los Angeles; Laura  McMahon, Indianapolis, Ind.; Joel Redmond, Syracuse, N.Y.; JT Hatfield-Smith, Washington, D.C.; and David Zuckerman, Los Angeles.

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