First Allied Securities today announced its new Succession Planning and Business Acquisition platform for affiliated financial advisors. The online Acquisition Center incorporates tools and resources to help independent advisors develop strategies for the long-term success of their businesses.

The platform is designed to help advisors identify potential partners for acquisition or succession. First Allied will also use the Acquisition Center to identify opportunities to finance affiliated advisors’ acquisitions of other advisory practices. Loans are applied towards the down payment price, and will be offered on competitive terms, according to the San Diego-based independent broker-dealer.

The Succession Planning and Business Acquisition Center includes the following features:

The Knowledge Center provides resources on best practices related to acquisitions, continuity planning and succession planning. This includes webinars, white papers, professional references and document templates on topics ranging from valuation to deal structuring and financing.

The Process Tracking Tool allows advisors to view the tactical steps necessary to achieve their intended outcome, whether its succession planning, continuity planning or acquisition. The tracking tool also allows advisors to screen acquisition candidates or potential partners according to their own criteria such as business model, geographic location, practice size, compliance record and professional certifications among others.

The final piece of the Web site is the Transition Support Tool, which is designed to help advisors minimize client impact and solidify new client relationships to ensure a high level of retention, says First Allied.