Financial Planning Association Advocacy Team Leader Karen Nystrom said Tuesday movement in the states to require small employers to have retirement plans with automatic enrollment is likely to bubble up to a federal requirement.

Since the start of the decade, legislatures in California, Oregon, Illinois and Missouri have laid the ground work for plans in their states.

Speaking at the FPA Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., Nystrom said the group is aggressively opposing state taxes on financial planning services, though none have been approved.

“It is important for us to oppose them,” she said.

Bills for the taxes have been considered in California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio and Connecticut.

Nystrom said the taxes could not bring in the revenues advocates expect because it would be very easy for investors to hire financial planners in states that don’t imposed the charges.

Last week, the FPA announced its support for the federal Department of Labor’s proposed fiduciary obligation for providers of financial advice to retirement plan participants.

Financial Planning Association Chair Janet Stanzak said the organization will formally seek clarification on what educational information can be given before fiduciary duty is triggered.

She said the FPA wants the recordkeeping requirements streamlined in the final rule to save advisors money.