The Financial Planning Association has launched two Web sites, one for advisors and one for consumers.

The new professional Web site ( is designed to connect FPA members and other interested parties to professional education, business success programs, advocacy information and community tools and resources.

The site iallows professionals to meet other professionals and learn what they can do to be more successful, productive and knowledgeable, says Janet A. Stanzak, FPA president.

The new consumer website ( allows the public to access information on a variety of issues that directly impact their short- and long-term financial goals through a "Prepare for Life Events" section.

There is also information on the meaning of CFP certification and how consumers can find a financial planner. A section called “Questions to Ask” walks consumers through 35 questions consumers should ask a prospective planner.

The new Web sites come on the heels of the launching of the FPA Research and Practice Institute, which provides practice and business management information to help financial planners achieve business success. The institute also conducts research on business topics and issues, including operations, personnel, human resources, marketing and technology.