Gold is an investment that is almost unrivaled in its rich history as a store of wealth. Now one book seeks to tell the complete story of Gold – not only as an investment but as a metal with many interesting qualities and uses. “The Gold Series” by Visual Capitalist is a must have book for gold bugs, investment history buffs and those that are just plain curious.

“The Gold Series” is a beautiful 44 page book chocked full of gold history, uses and data. Perhaps the best part of the book however is that all the information is presented in entertaining infographics. If you aren’t familiar with infographics, they are a way to efficiently present complex information using engaging visuals and graphics. Quite often this style has been shown to improve the level and speed of comprehension of concepts. Since Visual Capitalist’s specialty is investment oriented infographics, the images and data inside the “Gold Series” book are first rate. (see sample pages below)

We highly recommend this book for investors interested in gold, or even as an entertaining investment oriented coffee table book.  In fact we purchased our copy today!

(Please note we have no economic interest in this book or in Visual Capitalist. We are just fans of their work.)

For more information on Visual Capitalist, check out their site. They have a variety of fascinating investment infographics. What’s just as interesting is the goal of Visual Capitalist, which is explained on its website:

“Our goal with Visual Capitalist is to use visualizations to educate and empower this generation to make sound investment decisions and manage our global resources responsibly. We believe that responsibility and sustainability can co-exist with profits.”

There is certainly more room for increased education in the gold and general investment space. It is refreshing to see Visual Capitalist deliver an innovative and cutting edge approach to content that is often viewed as technical or overly complicated. Kudos to this firm, its mission and the infographics it continues to produce. Now go buy the book, learn more about gold and support their noble efforts! For more information on the book, click here.

Christian Magoon is the publisher of ETF Web sites and