There must be something in the water along the western shores of Lake Michigan that makes people inclined to part with their dollars. According to data compiled by market research firm Scarborough that measured whether consumers are spenders or savers, the top local markets for spenders are Chicago (where residents are 33% more likely than the national average to be spenders), Milwaukee (31% more likely) and Green Bay (28% more likely).

Scarborough identifies “spenders” as people who “mostly agree” with the statement, “I am a spender rather than a saver.” On the flip side, “savers” are identified as folks who “mostly disagree” with that statement. According to Scarborough, 9% of U.S. adults surveyed qualified as spenders versus 29% who labeled themselves as savers.

The top savers markets were Fort Myers, Fla. (residents are 19% more likely than average to be savers), Des Moines, Iowa (17% more likely) and El Paso, Texas (12% more likely).

New York City-based Scarborough says it measures American life in such areas as shopping patterns, media usage and lifestyle trends for adults.