"I'll take this job -- and keep it."

That's essentially what nearly 90% of certified financial planners who were asked to rate their profession conveyed in a survey released by the CFP Board at the Financial Planning Association's annual conference in San Diego on Friday.

Over 85% of the 297 certified financial planners queried described themselves as "very satisfied" with their profession. The survey was conducted by Westat Research this summer, said Kevin Keller, chief executive officer of the CFP Board, at an informal press briefing.

An estimated 91% of respondents said they would recommend CFP certification to an associate. The CFP Board conducted the same survey in 2008.

The median age when a CFP gains certification is 39, the same as in 2008. The median age of a CFP certificant is 52 years old, up from 51 years old in 2008.

The survey also indicated that 78% of CFP certificants are men compared to 22% by women. Roughly 40% of respondents said they work for large national firms; 25% for small or independent firms; 25% self employed.

-Jim McConville