I've been using Verizon Fios in my home for several years now, and my bill is sky-high each month. I decided to call 1-800-VERIZON to see if I could lower the cost. The Verizon rep was more than happy to offer me some new bundles that weren't available when I first became a customer.

It seems the sports package I have been paying extra for is now included in the Triple Play plan, and I'll get more sports channels as well as more movie channels that are now packaged together. I will also get the fastest Internet speed without any extra cost. All of this for a monthly savings of $36!

In addition, the rep said if I agreed to a two-year contract, Verizon would send me a $250 Visa gift card. Considering I have no plans to switch back to Comcast, it was a nice little bonus.

I think I'll use the gift card to buy myself a nice RCA 22" Class 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV from Walmart online for $139 (check it out here) with free shipping to the local Walmart of a nearby Fedex location!

The call took about 15 minutes. More channels, faster Internet, and I'll save $36 a month for the next 24 months, or $864. Add in the $250 gift card and I just saved myself $1,114 with one phone call.