The Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement actions were up for the agency’s fiscal 2015 over the year before, but penalties and disgorgements ordered stayed about the same, the agency announced Thursday.

Enforcements rose to 807 from 755 in the SEC budget year ended September 30 but financial sanctions remained largely unchanged at about $4.2 billion from 2014.

The agency has collected nearly half of the amount for both periods.

SEC Enforcement Chief Andrew Ceresney called the results impressive and provide a strong deterrent to securities law violations.

He boasted his unit won all six U.S. District jury or bench trials it tried in the year.

In 2015, 70 percent of the cases the SEC litigated were tried in federal district courts and 30 percent before administrative law judges.

The agency won 11 of the administrative cases and lost two.

During the year the agency awarded $38 million to eight whistleblowers.

The Enforcement Division’s 2015 numbers for actions against registered investment advisors, investment companies and broker-dealers won’t be available until a detailed annual report is issued, which will likely come in November.