Capital Innovations LLC has agreed to continue as the sub-advisor of three funds for Sprott Asset Management of Toronto.

Michael Underhill and Susan Dambekaln, a portfolio management team with a specialization in real assets investing, will manage the Exemplar Global Infrastructure, Exemplar Timber and Exemplar Agriculture funds.

“There are tremendous investment opportunities in the global infrastructure, timber and agriculture sectors,” said Michael Underhill, co-founder of Hartland, Wis.-based Capital Innovations. “We look forward to working with Sprott in continuing to provide the highest quality of education and service to Canadian retail and institutional investors seeking real asset investments.”

Sprott acquired the management agreements from Blumont Capital Corporation, a subsidiary of Arrow Capital Management. The funds are all sub-advised by Capital Innovations and this relationship will continue with Sprott.

The funds will be rebranded as Sprott products and the investment objectives and strategies of the funds will remain the same, says Sprott.

Unit holder approval is required to complete the transaction and a vote is expected to take place in about 30 days.