The Self-Regulatory Organization for Independent Investment Advisers (Sroiia) has created an interactive Web map that explains how independent investment advisors can register in each of the 50 states, organization officials said today.

Advisors can click on any state on the map to see registration requirements. According to Sroiia, independent investment advisors previously would have needed to search through each state's statutes and securities acts to cull such information. 

Sroiia officials say providing registration information fits in with the organization's goal of being a user-friendly SRO for registered investment advisors (RIAs). "The Web tool represents Sroiia's dedication to help independent investment advisors use their time more efficiently by providing the information in a convenient and easy-to-use format," said Adam Hynick, Sroiia vice president of state affairs and outreach.

Sroiia Co-Chief Executive Officer D. Tyler Roberts said the Web tool is an example of a simple, yet effective, way in which compliance can be made easier. "Sroiia is committed to developing an SRO that is proactive in helping its members stay compliant," he said.

Bill Winterberg principal of, a technology consulting firm for investment advisors, said advisors will appreciate the ease in using Sroiia's Web tool to look up each state's registration requirements. "Complicated, disjointed legal documents are condensed into useful summaries complete with links to each state's original forms and statutes," he said.

Skip Schweiss, managing director of advisor advocacy and industry affairs at TD Ameritrade Institutional, said advisors are always looking for ways to save time and gain efficiencies. "This tool offers a solution to the problem of locating registration requirements and documents for different states and puts it all in one place," he said. To see Sroiia's Web tool, click here.