Investors Circle is holding its Spring Venture Fair & Forum, an event where 15 entrepreneurs who have been narrowed down from a field of 250 will have the chance to pitch their start-up business plans to a group of 150 impact investors.

Think of it as one of those reality show challenges where contestants compete for prize and money. Except in this instance, the show isn't staged, it's live, and you can attend.

The whole shebang takes place at the Westin Hotel on Market Street in San Francisco May 2-4. (See Investors for details.) Some select, last-minute discounts are being handed out, I hear.

Anyway, when are you ever afforded the chance to see the next, next thing in the business and investment world?  All the businesses pitching are promoting sustainable practices with business plans that are designed for positive social and environmental impact. The presentation entrepreneurs are looking to raise between $250,000 to $3,000,000 via a seven-minute "pitch." This promises things will move right along. Moreover, what's pretty cool about the venture fair is that due diligence meetings begin the next morning at the conference.

That's when the dirty laundry comes out of the wash. I've never been privy to a VC due diligence meeting. Here, the right "questions to ask" will indeed be asked.


Investors' Circle knows what it's doing. It is the largest and oldest investment network dedicated to early stage impact investing. IC has facilitated investments into 220 companies and placed $145 million into enterprises and funds.