An overwhelming majority of employers are considering helping employees deal with financial problems as part of their employee benefits, says Financial Finesse, a firm based in El Segundo, Calif., that offers financial coaching for employees.

Eighty-nine percent of employers are very or moderately interested in starting or expanding programs to help employees manage their money better as part of the employee benefits, says Financial Finesse in the “Financial Stress Research” study. The study reviewed wellness reports from more than 35,000 employees  at 600 firms.

Employees experiencing stress because of money problems cost employers money in absenteeism, lost production and on the job accidents, say Liz Davidson, founder and CEO of Financial Finesse.

According to the study, cash flow is the biggest problem for employees who report having unmanageable levels of stress over finances. Of those reporting unmanageable stress levels, only 36 percent have a handle on their cash flow, only 16 percent have an emergency fund and 67 percent say they pay their bills on time.

This compares to those who say their financial stress is manageable. Of that group, 80 percent have a handle on their cash flow, 59 percent have an emergency fund and 95 percent pay their bills on time, according to the study.

Financial Finesse advises employees to create a plan to manage cash flow, automate bill paying, spend less and reduce debt.

Stress due to finances has been linked to serious health issues such as depression and heart problems, all of which costs employers money, Davidson says.