Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s website was selling kayaks for about $11 and computer monitors for about $9 earlier today owing to a technical glitch that led the world’s largest retailer to shut down its online store for maintenance.

Ravi Jariwala, a Wal-Mart spokesman, said the pricing abnormalities were caused by an internal technical error.

“We’re working quickly to correct” it, he said in a telephone interview, adding that there would be “intermittent site unavailability” until then.

Jariwala said the company hasn’t decided whether it will honor prices for items already ordered.

“We’re still working through those details and will follow up with customers,” he said.

Some items including kayaks and televisions were heavily discounted while others were priced up, said Christian Antonio, a Pittsburgh-area blogger who earlier today wrote about the pricing abnormalities.