Advisors who find their number of wealthy clients is a bit anemic should head straight to their doctors, suggests a Brookings Institute report released late last week.

“No industry has more top earners than physicians’ offices,” said Johnathan Rothwell, a Brookings Institute expert.

He said the offices are home to 7.2 percent of the top 1 percent of wage earners in the country.

And financial planners who find themselves pulling teeth to up their numbers of affluent customers could do well to chew the fat with dentists, Rothwell adds.

Dentistry accounts for another 6 percent of the nation’s most fortunate 1 percent.

The Brookings expert threw water (tap, not bottled) on the notion that industries with the highest skills beget the highest pay.

Rothwell argued securities and investment professionals make 60 percent more on average than their skills say they should, while bar and restaurant workers take in 20 percent less.