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Private Wealth: Advising the Exceptionally Affluent is for the professionals focused exclusively on meeting the financial, legal and lifestyle demands of ultra-high-net-worth clients. This cohort of the affluent collectively wield the greatest purchasing power in the world and, as a result, is the most desirable prospect of financial and legal professionals, luxury brands and other elite service providers.

Private Wealth will deliver thought leadership to the advisor or provider whose established business is centered on the exceptionally affluent by providing cutting-edge news and research on the target market, the competition, the latest financial and legal strategies, and key lifestyle issues. Additionally, the magazine will address the insights, processes and techniques that translate into a successful practice focused on the super-wealthy.

Private Wealth will distinguish itself with high-quality, sophisticated editorial structured around key topics such as investments, estate planning, insurance, wealth protection, lifestyle, business development and philanthropy. Unique content will be drawn from the extensive academic and practical experience of its contributors - advanced planning specialists, tax attorneys, concierges, family office directors, estate planners, executive coaches, business managers, accountants, private security specialists, investment professionals and researchers, among them.

Target Audience
• Private bankers
• Brokers
• Insurance producers
• Asset managers
• Investment advisors
• Trust officers
• Family office executives
• Wealth managers
• Luxury providers
• Senior executives at the organizations employing these advisors

Private Wealth will be published six times a year by Charter Financial Publishing Network (CFPN). CFPN is a management-owned company led by some of the most experienced and respected publishing professionals in the industry including editor-in-chief Evan Simonoff, group publisher David Smith and president and CEO Charlie Stroller. Their portfolio of business interests is diverse and includes magazines, newsletters, conferences, educational and e-commerce websites, and marketing databases.


Company - CFPN
Charter Financial Publishing Network (CFPN) is an employee-owned company led by one of the most experienced and respected publishing teams ever assembled, including editorial director Evan Simonoff (former editor-in-chief of Financial Planning), group publisher David Smith (former publisher of Dow Jones Investment Advisor) and Charlie Stroller (former president of Dow Jones Financial Publishing Corp.). Other partners include Bob Paradise (former publisher of Barron's) and Keith Allaire (founding editor of Investment Advisor).


In addition to PW, CFPN publishes Financial Advisor, FA News and PW News (e-newsletters). CFPN produces the Inside Alternatives Conference, Impact Investing Conference, #InvestInWomen Conference, Creating an Exceptional Family Office Conference, Financial Advisor Retirement Symposium and the Asset Manager Summit.

Other Publications
Financial Advisor - a monthly magazine created exclusively for independent financial planners and RIAs to provide the content they need to manage and grow their practices while helping clients achieve their most precious life goals.
FAnews - a weekly electronic newsletter for the independent financial planner and RIA communities

The PW Team
Charlie Stroller - President/CEO/CFO
Russ Alan Prince - Editor of Private Wealth and the president of Prince & Associates, Inc. the leading high-net-worth research and consulting firm
Evan Simonoff - Editorial Director
Dorothy Hinchcliff - Managing Editor
David R. Smith - Group Publisher
Jennifer Rhatigan - Marketing Director
• Rich Ofsthun - New England Advertising Director 
Diane Rogala - Publisher/East Region Advertising Director
Sandra Croce - Associate Publisher-Digital
Bee Mcdonald - Creative Director
Keith Huryk - IT Director
Sherri Scordo - Digital Manager/Survey Editor
Jodie Battaglia - Art Director
Merri Chapin - Digital Content Manager
Aimee Melli - Production Manager