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Books That Gorman, El-Erian, Gundlach, Fuss Love Best


CEOs, investors, current and former policy makers, economists and academics name their favorite reads in 2014.

Pedophiles Nabbed As Banks, Cops Follow Money Trail


Police have successfully stepped up cooperation with financial companies to cut off the money that fuels the trade in online porn.

Containing The Data Deluge

by James Lumberg and Pamela Fennell Jacobs

Advisors need to embrace the latest account aggregation technologies to satisfy the needs of today’s wealthy families.

Data Security Rising As Family Office Concern


Online security is now on the same level as data integration as a top technology priority of family office advisors and managers, according to a new study.

Tweeting From The Hip

by April J. Rudin

Advisors’ social media marketing strategies are more often a product of impulse than careful planning.

Fortigent Adds To Technology Platform


Fortigent LLC is beefing up its technology platform for advisors who target high-net-worth clients.

Social Media Use Increases With Wealth, Spectrem Says


The use of social media increases with wealth level, but decreases with age level, as might be expected, according to a new study by Spectrem.

Zuckerberg's Facebook IPO Makes Him Richer Than Google Founders

Facebook Inc.'s $16 billion initial public offering has made 28-year-old Mark Zuckerberg the 29th richest person on Earth.

ACE Provides Identity Theft Protection


ACE Private Risk Services is offering expanded insurance coverage to high-net-worth clients that protects against identity theft.


The investment practices of the majority of millionaire households are being impacted by the European sovereign debt crisis, says a new study by the Spectrem Group.

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