Laura Colby

Guns-Divesting Activist Calls Strategy A Failure

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Calvert's CEO conceded that school shootings have increased despite the gun company divestments.

Wall Street May Be Rethinking Its Relationship With Guns

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BlackRock and some pension funds are reconsidering their gun stocks.

Wells Fargo Agrees to Disclose Pay Gaps, Following U.S. Rivals

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The San Francisco-based firm is the third major U.S. bank in recent weeks to change its policies on pay transparency.

Why Wall Street's Finally Pushing To Add Women On Boards


BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street are getting behind shareholder bids.

Asian Americans Climb The Corporate Ladder, But Only So High


Lots of Asian Americans go to elite schools and get good jobs, but they don't make it to the executive suite.

Fidelity’s Johnson To Sifma: No One Should Tolerate Sexual Harassment

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Her comments at Sifma's conference today came after Fidelity dismissed two managers over sexual harassment claims.

Abby Johnson Makes Rare Speech As Fidelity Deals With Harassment

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She spoke at a Sifma conference today as the company deals with sexual harassment claims.

Investors Unaware That Mixed-Gender Teams Outpace Male Managers


Only 30% of investors say diversity improves returns, a new survey says.