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Fed Should Stop Tightening, Reduce Rates Soon, Bill Gross Says

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The central bank should lower interest rates over the next six to 12 months, he said.

Morgan Stanley's Wilson Says Chance Of Recession Still Below 50%

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Strategist Mike Wilson recently said that the rout in U.S. stocks has left them more fairly priced,

Marks Laments ‘Not Having Great Things To Buy' Amid Low Distress

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Even safer plays aren't especially attractive, said the Oaktree Capital co-founder.

Exxon Open To Partnering With Venture Funds On Carbon Capture

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The company is under pressure from investors to address climate change and weak corporate returns.

Morgan Stanley CIO Sees Correction For Overbought Stocks

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Morgan Stanley's Mike Wilson says rising bond yields are being overlooked.

Blankfein Says He's Confident Goldman Will Fix Its Trading Woes

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“We underperformed, we know what we have to do, and we’re doing it,” he maintains.