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So Nervous Are Emerging-Marketeers They’re Bolting To Treasurys

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These managers usually focus on developing nations, but they have turned to U.S. Treasurys to preserve capital.

Emerging Markets Are Next ‘Asset Bubble’ Amid Yield Hunt, Debt

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Investors may be taking on too much risk as they hunt for yield in emerging markets.

Going Local's All The Rage In EM As Investors Buy Up Bond ETFs

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Demand for local-currency bond ETFs is rising as local-bond curves steepen.

Oil, Populist Leaders And The Dollar: Guide To EM Risks In 2019


Emerging markets are starting to recover after a horrific 2018, but risks loom large.

August Turns Ugly for Emerging Markets As Currency Crises Spread

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Currency problems exacerbate what appears to be a sustained decline in emerging market equities.

Africa's Richest Man To Invest Up To $50 Billion In U.S., EU

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The 60-year-old Nigerian cement tycoon aims to move into these territories for the first time in 2020.