Kristen V. Brown

Plenty Of Americans Are Drinking Bleach, Still For Sale On Amazon

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It's easy to find bleach-based fake cures for sale on Amazon and other retailers.

Pockets Of Unvaccinated Americans Threaten To Prolong Pandemic


Hidden pockets of low rates of vaccinations at the local level have been a challenge before in the U.S.

Vaccinated Americans May Get Clearance To Not Wear Masks Outdoors


More areas are easing, or ditching entirely, mask mandates as the pandemic continues to ease.

Elite Boarding Schools Offer Students A Unique Covid-19 Bubble


These schools have been mostly able to offer in-person learning with relatively few incidents.

23andMe Provides More Evidence That Blood Type Plays Role In Virus


The findings echo other research that has indicated a link between variations in the ABO gene and Covid-19.

DNA Site That Thawed Cold Cases Sold As Forensics Business Booms


GEDmatch found itself at the center of a controversy over police access to private genetic information.

Share Your DNA, Get Shares: Start-Up Files Unusual Offering


Luna aims to build a DNA marketplace where people could upload their data from genetic-testing companies.

Hack of DNA Website Exposes Data From 92 Million User Accounts


Email addresses and password information linked to more than 92 million user accounts have been compromised.