Kati Pohjanpalo

These 1980s Suburban Offices Back Blackstone's Securities In Default

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The notes are backed by a portfolio of Finnish offices and stores.

Brokers Sought For $78 Million Of Bitcoin Seized In Finnish Drug Bust

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A bitcoin stash worth more than $78 million was seized by Finland's customs authority in drug busts.

Nordea Says Polluters Can't Be Axed From ESG Investment Banking


The bank's stance is that it's OK for ESG investing to include companies that are "a little bit green."

Finns Unveil Plan To Become World’s Most Financially Literate


Facing rising consumer credit defaults, Finland wants to become the most financially savvy country by 2030.

Widening Russia Money Laundering Scandal Hits European Banks

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Scandinavian and Austrian banks have been drawn into a Russian money laundering scandal.

Hysteria Around A 70% Tax Rate Gets A Reality Check In Sweden

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Economists say high taxes work in the Nordic region because the notion of state welfare is deeply rooted in its culture.

A $4,600 Ticket To Networking Excludes All Men, And Some Women


Roughly 7,000 women applied after the island project opened this year, and only about 140 were selected.