Jake Lloyd-Smith

Gold Jumps To Record As Favored Fed Inflation Gauge Stokes Rally

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A host of positive drivers have pushed up bullion by around 14% since the middle of February.

Silver Spikes Past $30 As Retail Investors Swarm Biggest Target

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Silver’s advance can be traced to Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum.

Commodities Clinch Best Year Since 2016 As Trade Worries Ebb


Commodities are benefiting from an end-of-year surge due to a positive outlook for 2020.

What To Watch In Commodities In 2019: Winners And Losers Lineup

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The standout feature in commodity markets last quarter was crude’s swoon from four-year high into a bear market.

Goldman Says Buy Commodities As Clock Ticks Toward Trade War

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The firm says the impact of the trade war on commodity markets will be "very small."