Christopher Maloney

Mortgage Investors Bracing For Fed's Taper May Be Disappointed


Some investors have been growing more hopeful about an economic recovery as a new U.S. stimulus package is rolled out.

A $50 Billion Housing Bond Market Is Stuck In Regulatory Limbo

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At issue are so-called credit-risk-transfer securities offered by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Morgan Stanley Adds To Chorus Of Mortgage Sector Boosters


The firm's analysts have shifted their recommendation on mortgage-backed securities to overweight.

America’s Middle Class Is Addicted To A New Kind Of Credit

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Installment loans are geared to working-class Americans who have seen wages stagnate and unpaid bills pile up.

Refinance Fever Sweeps U.S.

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Rates for 30-year mortgages are at their lowest since late 2016, sending many homeowners to their brokers.

Expensive Loans To Desperate People Built A $90 Billion Industry

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About 12 million Americans use high-interest loans every year, according to Pew Charitable Trust.

Mortgage-Bond Investors Eyeing Hedge Before 'Pain Trade' Strikes


Mortgage-backed securities traders are taking a hard look at buying protection against falling bond yields.

The Mortgage Market Is Back A Decade After the Credit Crisis—With New Risks

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As the market grows to a record size, participants remain on guard against signs of weakness.

Mortgage Investors Don’t Think Fed’s Exit Means Goodbye Forever


It’s widely forecast that by October the central bank will no longer reinvest any proceeds back into mortgages.

Mortgage Investors Seek Higher Ground Before Fed's $1.7 Trillion Flood


As the Fed unwinds its purchase of mortgage-backed securities, investors are bracing for a supply gut.