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Large Backers Of Private Equity Are Asking For Their Money Back

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Sovereign wealth funds and others want to unlock their previous investments before putting in more money

Investment Firm Hillhouse Can Now Help Rich Move To Singapore


Hillhouse, the investment firm best-known for making its fortunes backing China’s biggest startups, can now help the super rich obtain permanent residency in Singapore as part of a government...

Oaktree's Marks Sees 'Great Bargains' Coming As Recession Looms

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Oaktree Capital Group co-founder Howard Marks says U.S. inflation has likely peaked.

One Of The World's Biggest Investors Is Reducing Bond Holdings


The Singaporean sovereign wealth fund reduced its bond and cash holdings over the year to about 45% of assets from 50%.

Google Co-Founder Brin’s Family Office To Open In Singapore


Uber-wealthy clans are taking advantage of Singapore’s low taxes, high security and family office incentives.

Black Swan Author Spars With Quant Legend Over Tail Risk Hedges


Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb and quant investor Cliff Asness have waged a Twitter war over tail-risk strategies.

World’s Best Hedge Fund Returns Are Found In Tiny Singapore


There are three key theories behind the success of Singapore’s chart-toppers.

The World's Best-Performing Hedge Fund Is Up 278% This Year


Singapore-based Vanda has delivered an average annualized return of 40% since inception.

Bill Gates And Former Bass Guitarist Aim To Change Health Care

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The challenge for much of the developing world is how to get health care day to day, not just for a single illness.