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Dara Albright

Fintech-Driven Scoring Uncovers How COVID-19 Impacts Your Investments


Israeli fintech company Innovesta has announced the launch of its COVID-19 Resilience Innodex (CRI).

The Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Revolution Is Maturing: Are Advisors Ready To Take Advantage?


Blockchain and digital assets attracted a lot of attention at the 2020 National LINC conference from TD Ameritrade.

The One Question About Digital Assets That Lawmakers Need To Answer


Is an entirely new regulatory regime needed for digital assets?

A Groundbreaking Moment For Corporate Finance?


The SEC has approved Blockstack to become the first company in which investors receive “tokens” to get certain services.

IRS Tells Virtual Currency Owners They May Need To File Amended Returns


The IRS says more than 10,000 taxpayers may not have reported virtual currency transactions correctly.