Amy Thomson

Parler Reappears With CEO Calling Full Return ‘Inevitable’

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No Touching, No Actors As Advertisers Confront Life In Isolation

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Ads that were in the works have been shelved and campaigns have to be reworked on a short timeline.

Working From Home A Cybersecurity Headache For Employers

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As companies send employees home, cybersecurity teams are facing the challenge of securing vulnerable networks.

London Fintech Startup Revolut Valued At $5.5 Billion


Revolut becomes one of Europe's most valuable fintechs despite not yet being able to run a profit.

Google CEO Thinks AI Will Be More Profound Change Than Fire

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Countries will have to work together on international agreements to regulate AI, said Pichai.

Loeb, Ma Invest In $2.6 Billion Luxury Tax Refund Giant


Dan Loeb, Jack Ma and Silver Lake have joined forces to bet on the business of luxury shoppers’ tax refunds.

How's Your Driving? If You Use An App, Insurers Could Be Watching


Data about the way people drive their cars could be fair game for the insurance industry.

Google Says Quantum Computer Beat 10,000-Year Task In Minutes


A number of other companies are pushing to create more powerful machines that businesses can use.