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Texas Student Loan Borrowers Get Biggest Share Of Biden's Forgiveness Plan

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Residents in the Lone Star State will receive $116.6 million of the $1.2 billion awarded.

Student Loan Borrowers Paid Off Billions Before Interest Restart

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Payments to the Department of Education surged to pre-pandemic levels in August, according to a new report.

Highest Interest Rates In 15 Years Are Derailing The American Dream

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Average credit card interest rates have climbed to just over 19%, the highest going back to 1985.

The ‘Great Retirement' Disconnect That Puzzles U.S. Economists

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The surge in Americans going into retirement hasn't yet led to an increase in Social Security benefit applications.

Older Americans Are On The Front Line Of The Student Debt Crisis

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Some took out loans to help their children, and could be well into their 90s before they're done repaying.

Frozen But Not Forgiven, U.S. Student Loans Are Coming Due Again Soon


Americans now owe about $1.7 trillion of student debt, more than twice the size of their credit-card liabilities.

Affluent Americans Rush To Retire In New 'Life-Is-Short' Mindset

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The loss of older workers will hurt the labor market.