Ronan Martin

'Stay Boring': It's How Bond Investors Are Riding Out Volatility

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With yields on 10-year Treasurys soaring, investors are staying cautious.

Corporate Bond Bonanza May Be Too Much, Too Soon

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Global high-grade debt markets are blazing to a record rally. Are they getting ahead of themselves?

Bond Investors Lose $106 Billion In Dismal Year For Credit

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New issues with juicier yields have offered little comfort to bond managers.

Sterling's Collapse To $1.15 Shows UK Market Despair Runs Deep

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British investors fear proposed tax cuts will pour gasoline on an inflation fire, or even worse, lead to stagflation.

‘S' In ESG Debt Proves Too Complex For Issuers Seeking Easy Wins

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Sales of social bonds have been in decline this year after booming during most of the pandemic.

Billionaire-Backed Stock Picker Says Bubble Talk Is For Boomers


“Google is not going to go bust. Microsoft is not going to go bust,” money manager Stephen Yiu said.