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El-Erian Says Fed Risks Losing Control Of Messaging On Rates


The economist warned that the Fed needs to recover its credibility on forward guidance.

U.S., U.K. May Face Permanently High Interest Rates Thanks To Aging Populations


Workers will struggle to match the spending needs of an aging population, causing higher long-term structural inflation.

El-Erian Terrified Of Central Banks Losing Autonomy Over Errors

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Central banks have been criticized for being too slow to spot surging inflation in 2021.

Tumbling Money Supply Alarms Economists Who Foresaw Inflation


Their analysis jars with the mainstream consensus that economies are starting to pick up.

ChatGPT Will Be The Calculator For Writing, Top Economist Says


ChatGPT has already passed parts of the bar, the entrance exam for US law schools.

Business Chiefs And Economists Brace For Recession As Davos Begins


Two-thirds of chief economist surveyed by the forum expect a worldwide recession in 2023.

World Economy Is Headed For A Recession In 2023, Researcher Says


The findings are more pessimistic than the latest forecast from the International Monetary Fund.

Liz Truss's Historic Gamble With the U.K. Economy Is Already Unraveling


The prime minister's tax cuts will cost the Treasury around £161 billion over the next five years.

Wall Street Says A Recession Is Coming. Consumers Say It's Already Here

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Just as the pandemic and its recovery proved to be k-shaped, so the next deterioration may prove similarly unequal.

‘Testosterone-Fueled Bear Pit' Discourages Women From Economics

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Women are grossly underrepresented in the field, according to a report in the U.k>