Joseph Cordell

How Financial Advisors Impact Divorce


Here are examples of how advisors affect divorce proceedings on a day-to-day basis.

Advisors Can Greatly Help With Two Divorce Subjects

by Joseph Cordell

There are two complex subjects in a divorce where a financial advisor can be immensely helpful: structuring divorce settlements in a tax-advantaged manner and the division of retirement benefits.

Toeing The Line

by Joseph Cordell

Financial advisors must be careful that they don’t wander into unauthorized law practice.

Financial Advisors As Expert Witnesses -- A Good Idea?

by Joseph Cordell

Lucrative opportunities exist for an experienced financial advisor to serve as a retained expert witness providing testimony in court, says this attorney.

Five Steps To Helping Divorcing Clients

by Joseph Cordell

A knowledgeable financial advisor can help divorcing spouses by offering them realistic financial solutions.

Special Client Issues Financial Advisors Must Address In Divorce Situations

by Joseph Cordell

Advisors must understand that divorce inherently creates several unique challenges that typical clients will not face when it comes to plotting their fiscal future.