Claire Ruckin

Private Equity Turns To Left-Field Finance To Get Deals Done

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M&A activity has slumped this year in part because of spiraling interest rates.

Private Equity Firms Have $1.5 Trillion to Spend, But Are Struggling To Seal Deals

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Deals are becoming more difficult to finalize and buyers and sellers are taking longer to come together, according to managers.

Private Equity Is Back To Selling Junk Debt To Pay Dividends


The debt sales are an oddity in the risk-averse market.

Pimco Plows $2 Billion Into Assets Depressed By Recession Fears

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The purchases are part of a broader strategy at the firm to capitalize on depressed prices.

Wall Street Faces Billion-Dollar Losses On Sinking Buyout Debt

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The scale of the problem will become clearer when banks release second-quarter earnings.