Scott MacKillop

The Ins And Outs Of Outsourcing Your Investment Management


Can outsourcing provide benefits to your firm?

Selecting A TAMP Is A Fiduciary Decision


Hiring a TAMP is a fiduciary decision that should be approached with all the diligence of any other investment decision.

The Dangers Of SEC-DOL Harmonization


Why advisors should demand truth in labeling rather than a uniform fiduciary standard.

Creating The Right Client Profile


There’s a simple way to differentiate your firm and better serve your clients.

Is it Time to Review Your Fee Schedule?


“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” —Oscar Wilde

Robos: Just Another Branch On The TAMP Family Tree


Too little attention is being given to what robo-advisors really are.

Question Everything


Don’t rely on the opinions of experts to off-load your critical thinking.

Dumb And Getting Dumber


Swimming upstream against the currents of financial illiteracy.

The AUM Fee Schedule: Face-To-Face With A Dinosaur


As the technology supporting the financial services industry has changed, so has the underlying economics.

Maintaining The Magic

by Scott MacKillop

A top Parisian restaurant holds lessons for financial advisors.