Liza Tetley

Hedge Fund Startups On The Rise With Giant Firms Under Scrutiny

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High-profile traders who have worked at some of the biggest hedge fund firms are behind some of the startups.

Hedge Fund Investors Are Getting More Demanding About Charges

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Funds are facing questions about fees and expenses in a high-rate environment.

Some Hedge Funds Keep Over Half Of Their Profits Through Customer Fees

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The most popular funds effectively have a blank check for expenses.

Carson Block Shorts Blackstone Publicly Traded Mortgage REIT

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Block said the REIT is exposed to a perfect storm of economic conditions hitting real estate.

Jamie Dimon Criticizes Central Banks For Getting Forecasts Wrong


The JPMorgan CEO also slammed policymakers' approach to tackling climate change.

JPMorgan Could Reach $1 Trillion Market Value By 2030, Morgan Stanley Says

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The firm stands to benefit from stronger net interest income, plus improved fees and efficiencies in a "soft landing" scenario.