Michael J. Nathanson

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Preparing High Earners For Capital Gains Tax Hikes


What would tax planning look like in a higher-rate environment?

Methods Of Motivation

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How do private companies motivate employees in both the short and long term?

Navigating The New Reg BI World


New regulations make it harder for RIAs to differentiate themselves.

My Take On The Schwab/TD Ameritrade Merger


This huge deal is happening amid big changes in the industry.

The Mathematical Secret Of RIA Success


The advisory firms that get the best results do so because their members work together in smart ways.

The Risk And Impact Of Living Longer

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It’s our responsibility to spot trends in the lives of our clients and to develop and provide tools and solutions.

Avoid Becoming As Obsolete As Nokia Phones


What I learned about the advisory industry during my one week at Harvard Business School.

Don’t Shun This Tax Election

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Critics have beaten up this election for employee stock options, but it might help some.

What They’re Not Telling You About Qualified Opportunity Funds

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Several important points are being overlooked when it comes to investing in QOZs and QOFs.

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