Heavenly Returns

by Eric L. Reiner

Angel investors can help burgeoning businesses access the things they need most-experience and funding. Eric L. Reiner Eric L...

When Transition Creates Opportunity


Market turbulence reshuffles the deck for hedge funds...

Room For Improvement

by Hannah Shaw Grove

Most client acqisition programs are considered ineffective by the financial organizations using them.

Little Known Facts

by Timothy Lappen

The complexities of being an employer can put those with the most to lose at greater risk...

The New Age of Philanthropy

by Daniel Schley

How the confluence of wealth and technology are redefining philanthropy and ushering in an age of innovation and social change.

Living Wisely And Well

by Hannah Shaw Grove

GenSpring Family Offices and its CEO, Maria Elena "Mel" Lagomasino, help its families find the value in their own unique combination of human, intellectual and financial capital...

Pre-emptive Strike

by Mitch Gitter

Taking the offensive when managing a crisis can lead to faster and more decisive resolution.  

Universal Truth

by Joshua S. Rubenstein

The challenges of marital planning rise as affluent families and their assets become more global. Joshua S. Rubenstein Joshua S...

Caveat Emptor

by Eric L. Reiner

The arcane world of asset protection trusts is overflowing with as many hazards as opportunities. Eric L. Reiner Eric L...

Sandwiched In The Middle

by Rick Blaser

Dynasty trusts are a tax-effective way for young millionaires to care for subsequent and previous generations...

Gambling On Guarantees

by James R. Robinson

The scheme of stranger-owned life insurance puts the industry at risk for very little upside.

Special Handling

by Lee Slavutin

Estate planners must operate carefully to avoid tax traps and preserve the powerful benefits of life insurance.

Ask And Learn

by Brett Van Bortel

An in-depth profiling process can help advisors find the best professional partners to grow their business...

Secret Ingredient

by Caren Chesler

It takes more than impeccable cooking skills to be successful in the world of private chefs...

Alpha Dog

by Evan Ratnow

Municipal arbitrage strategies can add uncorrelated, tax-effective alpha to a diversified portfolio...

Constant Variable

by Russ Alan Prince

Wealthy clients article in a four-part series based on propietary research conducted by Prince & Associates Inc.

Crossing the Generational Divide

by Stephen Liss

Adopting an organized approach to Philanthropy creates opportunities to involve younger generations and can help preserve family wealth...

Inside Bessemer

by Hannah Shaw Grove

As the venerable institution marks its 100th year, Bessemer Trust's executive team remains focused on two imperatives-managing investments and managing relationships...

Protective Measures

by Frank W. Seneco

New strategies help the very wealthy decrease the appeal of certain assets to creditors and litigants.

Moving Targets


Valuing and insuring art can be a highly subjective process requiring skill and, more often than not, a second opinion...