Eye Of The Beholder

by Edward A. Renn

Art investor or collector? Understanding the difference can help an owner derive fiscal and aesthetic pleasure from a prized work. Edward A. Renn Edward A...

Tales Of An Ugly Duckling

by Lee Slavutin

Once considered dubious, life settlements have become a legitimate way to realize more value from an insurance policy...

Velvet Handcuffs

by Russ Alan Prince

Family offices are tieing the compensation of their ecexutive directors to investment results with contingent compensation.

Sourcing Private Wealth

by Brett Van Bortel

Forging partnerships with professionals who have the loyalty of their wealthy clients can open a pipeline of new prospects...

The Connected Concierge

by Jenene Danenberg

Luxury lifestyle management guarantees that the uberwealthy get what they want, when they want it...

Flying High

by Douglas D. Gollan

Airlines are stepping up to fill the gap between the serenity of private jet travel and the miseries of coach class. Douglas D. Gollan Douglas D...

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

by Ira Einhorn

Numismatics is a unique way to merge personal pastimes and investments. Ira Einhorn Ira Einhorn is a contributing editor of Private Wealth magazine...

To Each His Own

by Hannah Shaw Grove

Greater wealth translates to a stronger interest in exclusive and sophisticated investment products. Hannah Shaw Grove Ms...

Blurring The Lines

by Russ Alan Prince

Lifestyle and noninvestment services emerge as critical differentiators among private banks, brokerage and multifamily offices.

The Collector's Collector


Wealthy collectors are turning to fine art consultants for faciliation, access and know-how...

Fast Lane

by Hannah Shaw Grove

Jessica M. Bibliowicz, chief executive of National Financial Partners, opens up about their high-speed growth and plans for uninterrupted accelaeration...

Eliminating Vulnerability

by Hannah Shaw Grove

How the wealthy are taking control of their personal safety with self-defense training.

Identity Crisis

by Paul Michael Viollis

A top security expert explains the ugly truth behind identify theft and outlines the five critical steps to containment.

Show Me The Money

by Richard L. Harris

Most clients want insurance, but not hefty premiums-knowing funding options can be the difference to close the deal.

Wealth Mapping

by Brett Van Bortel

The next evolution of wealth management helps advisors match client problems with financial solutions.

Artful Giving

by Richard J. Flynn

New legislation can have some serious tax implications for donors of fine art and other tangible gifts. Richard J. Flynn Richard J...

Freeze Frame

by Edward A. Renn

Locking in the value of an asset prior to a liquidity event can help successful clients minimize taxes and conflicts. Edward A. Renn Edward A...

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

by Teresa Leigh

A leading family manager outlines strategies to avoid the pitfalls in seeking the perfect residential employee...

Supernatural Selection

by David A. Cohen

Identifying and evaluating the key risks of a hedge fund is a fundamental step in the investment process. David A. Cohen David A...

The $62 Trillion Opportunity

by Hannah Shaw Grove

The universe of private wealth is growing and turning to sophisticated professionals for advice and guidance. Hannah Shaw Grove Ms...