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Understanding Indexes

by Gail Liberman

Popularity, turnover, structure and other factors affect index funds and ETFs.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

How Much Leverage Is Optimal?


The author of a paper that looks at how to determine optimal leverage in an investment portfolio is the 2010 first-place winner of a $10,000 award for advancements in active management.

Dividend ETFs Beckon Income-Starved Investors

Exchange-traded funds that focus on dividend-paying stocks trailed the market in 2009, but they may attract bond investors who are worried about the prospect of rising interest rates.

A Good Complement

by Marla Brill

More advisors think both bond mutual funds and ETFs belong in client portfolios.

Performance Trade-Off

by Alan Lavine

Keeping ETF dividends in cash may reduce total return.

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Advisor Emporium

ETFs Buoyed By Health-Care Bill's Passage

The passage of health-care overhaul has buoyed shares of exchange-traded funds focused on the sector.

Active ETFs A Slow-Moving Stampede

A parade of big-name mutual fund companies have filed paperwork to launch actively managed ETFs, but it could take years before any of them attract significant interest from investors.

J.P. Morgan Plans Actively Managed ETFs

J.P. Morgan Chase indicated it plans to offer actively managed exchange-traded funds, following recent moves by competitors.

Direxion Launches ETFs


In what seems to be a continuing race among providers to introduce exchange-traded funds, Boston-based Direxion announced today that it has launched six new leveraged ETFs.

Eaton Vance Plans Active ETFs

The parade of mutual fund companies jumping into the ETF business continues. The latest entrant: Eaton Vance Corp.

Bond ETFs Have Hidden Risks

Investors seeking safety have been pouring cash into bond funds-but, when it comes to exchange-traded funds, they run the risk of limiting their gains or magnifying their losses.

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Advisor Emporium

Legg Mason Plans Active ETF


Legg Mason Inc. has filed an application with the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch actively managed exchange-traded funds, according to published reports.

Free ETF Trading Isn't Everything

Dangling an offer for commission-free trades is a common tactic in the war to win market share in the exchange-traded fund business.

Many ETFs Missed Benchmarks In '09

Exchange-traded funds are designed to track the market's moves, but many were off the mark by a wide margin during the financial crisis.

New Precious-Metals ETFs Face Risks

Investors may start to wonder if two new precious-metals ETFs could prompt the kind of regulatory concerns about speculators that have plagued energy funds.

Taming The Currency Elephant

by Marla Brill

Currency ETFs provide easy access to a huge but ignored asset class.

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