June 2001

The Golden Touch


Bay Isle Financial Corp. quietly is distinguishing itself by directly managing investment portfolios.

Rough Seas

by Marla Brill

Global markets have been just as bad as–or worse than–those in the United States. Here‚s how managers of three international funds are riding out the storm.

The Time Is Right For George Yeager

by Raymond Fazzi

He fills his basket with well-known companies offering consumer products.

A Hung Jury On Performance-Based Fees

by Alan Lavine

Funds with such fees outperform others by a slim margin.

The Incredible Shrinking Bond Market

by Eric L. Reiner

It‚s not clear what will become the benchmark if Treasuries disappear.

Keep An Open Mind About Closed-End Funds

by Joe Cavaluzzi

They outperformed the S&P last year and present advantages over typical mutual funds.

Bear Market Slows Variable Life Boom

by Raymond Fazzi

Some are questioning variable life‚s role in the planning process.

Technology At Any Price On Trial

by Gregory Bresiger

Despite the market and his critics, technology bull Robert Markman sticks to his strategy.

A Secret You Shouldn't Keep

by Gail Liberman

Rule requires clients to be told about personal information collected on them.

Identifying Values For Charitable Giving

by Susan Lazar

An advisor outlines six steps she uses to streamline the giving process.

Why Investors Aren't Learning

by Tracey Longo

Most are programmed to repeat their investment mistakes.

I Hate To Tell You This, Virginia...

by J. Michael Martin

Realistic return assumptions for retirees.

Parting Shot

by Richard B. Wagner

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.–Matthew 6:21

Frontline News


Complaints Soar Against Brokers, Rise Less For Advisors Both investor complaints and arbitration claims are escalating, thanks to the bearish market, chagrined investors...